Stay In Touch With Your Important Contacts with Punchbowl



As an entrepreneur, it’s important to not only know how to make great connections, but also to have resources in place to grow those contacts. It can be difficult to show your appreciation to those connections, especially when these connections are exclusively over the internet. I’ve found the service Punchbowl offers a great way to reach out to those connections with a personalized touch.

Punchbowl is a site centered around life’s celebrations. There are great party planning resources available there, but I personally make the most use out of their free e-cards that are offered. The e-cards are customizable and perfect for adding a personal touch to your follow-up and correspondence. You can even add an electronic gift card, if you want to include a little something special with your message.

I use these Punchbowl e-cards as thank you notes, birthday cards, and even holiday cards. I love that you can schedule cards to be sent out on the appropriate days and that you can receive confirmation when the card is opened. The website has a simple, but cute animation style that makes it feel like you are opening a real card, which is a nice touch. The site and many of it cards are free, but you can upgrade for some added features.

Not enough time to keep in touch with your important contacts? I’d love to help!