Great FREE Resource For Your Business – Google Voice



Even if your business is based online, it’s still important to have a phone line where you can be contacted if needed. It’s no longer necessary to purchase a second phone line or give out your personal cell phone number for your business any longer. Thanks to Google Voice, you can get a free phone number to use for your business.

Google Voice is a free service offered from Google. Using your free Google account, you can create a phone number which can be forwarded to another phone line. My Google Voice number is forwarded to my cell phone, for example, but you could also have your calls forwarded to your virtual assistant. You can also answer on your computer through an internet connection. You can even receive text messages through this number, which can be received and responded to online if you choose.

I’ve used Google Voice since the start of my business and I’ve found it to work great for my limited phone needs. There is a bit of trick to figuring out what settings work best for you regarding how you want it to ring your phone. I suggest testing it with a second phone to feel comfortable answering your Google Voice phone calls. Once you have your settings where you are comfortable, you’re ready to go.

Save money and frustration that you can use in other areas of your business with this great FREE resource – Google Voice!

Need assistance setting up Google Voice for your business? I’d love to help!