Don’t Forget to Follow Up on Your Meeting with IFTTT

Whether you are meeting with customers or your team, it’s essential that you follow up with your meeting items in a timely manner. In the fast paced world of entrepreneurship it’s not always easy to remember to follow up on meetings. I prefer to have my reminders automatically generated so that it’s not floating around in my brain. Thankfully, IFTTT is a great tool that does just that for me!

This process utilizes Google Calendar and Remember the Milk, my preferred calendar and task reminder services, however you can customize this process depending on the services you prefer.

Sign in to your IFTTT account.

Click Create New Recipe.

Choose Google Calendar to Email.

Connect to Your Google Calendar account.

Create a search using the word “meeting”.

Add your private Remember the Milk email address. This is found under “settings” and “info”.

Include the following email subject to have Remember the Milk add a task for follow up in one day:

Follow up on meeting – {{Title}} ^tomorrow 

Click create recipe.

Need help setting up reminders within your business? I’d love to help!