I’m back and so excited to help YOU!

I am so excited to be back here on the blog after my break! I’m really looking forward to sharing more resources to save you time and help your business grow. As I get back into my regularly scheduled posting here, I want to make sure I’m focusing on the areas that will help you most.

Just leave a comment here on this post or email me privately and let me know what you need today to help grow your business. If at all possible, I’ll address it in an upcoming post. I’m looking forward to helping you and your business!


Why I Decided to Rebrand My Business



In 2013 I started my virtual assistant company, Elms Marketing. I loved the symbolism of growth behind the name and wanted to communicate my marketing specialties within the name as well. As a new virtual assistant I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started my business. I was blessed with many wonderful clients in the beginning of my business. People who were willing to give me a chance to prove my skills. I will always be thankful for the opportunity to work with such great people.


As my first year of virtual assisting wrapped up in early 2014, I took some time to review where my business had come, my current goals for my business, and, most importantly, what my clients need most from my business. In working closely with small business entrepreneurs, I’ve found that my target market didn’t need as much help creating marketing plans as I expected in the beginning. Many already have great systems of promoting their businesses to their target audience and have plans to grow that in the future.


What my clients DID need was help with the implementation of their plans. They need someone who can be trusted to manage parts of their business that they can let go of to free their time so that they can continue pursuing growth in their businesses. And, frankly, I LOVE being able to be that person for their company.


My focus has shifted, just slightly, to this new goal. I’ve decided it’s a good time for my business name to change as well. My business has shifted away from Elms Marketing and I decided to rebrand using my name. I wasn’t comfortable with using my name exclusively for my business when I first started virtual assisting, but I am at the point in my career where I am more comfortable with using my name only. I did a lot of research at some sites I really respect, like Amy Lynn Andrews and Andrea Dekker, and gave thought a lot about it before making the big decision.


It’s hard to leave the name Elms Marketing behind, however I know this is right not only for me and my business, but for my clients as well. Not much will be changing besides the name, but I’m excited for this new journey in my business as I continue to help others grow their businesses!