Client Testimonials

“Meredith helped me overcome an irrational fear of hiring a virtual assistant. Meredith was easy to work with, efficient, and worked completely independently. I look forward to working with her again.”
Roni Noone of Roni Noone

“I’ve received exceptional service from Meredith. Her timeliness, professionalism, and ability to solve problems without direct guidance have been invaluable! I feel Meredith is always keeping our business’s best interests in mind and that she’s dedicated to providing premier service. I’d recommend Meredith to any entrepreneur who wants a reliable, professional, and friendly team member to help take their business to the next level.”

Heather Robertson of Half Size Me

“Meredith was a joy from the start of our relationship.  She communicates so well and I was always informed about the timetable of our projects.  She made sure that she understood me as well as my business goals from the beginning.  I feel comfortable with her and know that we can grow together as time goes on and I can depend on her to give me her very best.  I love her honesty and willingness to tell me if I have asked her to do a task that she is not familiar with.”
Sherry Carver

“It only took a few hours and I was convinced I made the right decision hiring Meredith to help me with my business. She completed everything on time or ahead of schedule, checked over all the details, and asked questions when needed (which saves time by not having to redo anything!). Meredith is quick to respond and understands what you need very easily. She’ll get to know your business and provide you with amazing service. She goes above and beyond, offering suggestions and pointing out anything she thinks is important. I never knew how much I would enjoy having a VA help me, but Meredith has definitely been helpful! I’m already talking with her about my next project! “

Melissa Thorpe

“Meredith helped me to develop a marketing strategy for my freelance translation business by providing methods for finding and approaching new clients. Meredith also used her design skills to create a header image for my website. In all of our dealings, she was responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I was pleased with the results she produced and would recommend her services to other small business owners.”
Jill Swan of Jill Swan Translation

“Meredith provided me with an invaluable service by helping me turn my long held dream of owning my own photography business into a reality. She asked pointed questions to find out the true nature of my passion and interests and what I want most out of my business. Then she came up with many great ideas on how to help my business grow, and she offered guidance on what steps I need to take to get there. Her advice and creative ideas gave me just the push I needed to propel me to my own exciting light bulb moments. Her excitement in my business also helped me find additional motivation to tackle the long list of tasks that are needed to get a new business off the ground. She is very easy to work with, and I found we clicked over our vision for my business immediately. I loved the sense of collaboration I found while working with her. I feel when starting a new small business, it is so important to have a support system as creating your own business can sometimes be very lonely work. Meredith makes a great cheerleader and also offers so much more. I’m very grateful for the opportunity I had to work with her.”

Raven Michelle

“As much as we hate to admit it, we can’t do it all ourselves. Having a brand called “Simple Life Together,” we’re all about making peoples’ lives simpler but some aspects of our online platform were anything but simple! What a blessing it has been to work with Meredith! Meredith took a hard look at our brand and not only made spot on suggestions for a way ahead, she implemented them for us. She excels at making those difficult tasks run smoothly and has drastically improved the Opt In process for those who follow our show and our brand. It is so refreshing to work with an agency that just “gets it”! No hand holding, no prodding…just a completely professional workflow that only comes from a company with experience in helping businesses be their best. If you are searching for someone to help with you with marketing, copy writing…heck, I have figured out what Meredith CAN’T do…then Meredith is probably just who you’re looking for but thought you’d never find!”

Dan Hayes of Simple Life Together

“As a small organization just starting out, I really had no idea how I could benefit from a marketing company. Our one-on-one introductory meeting was very helpful to me in understanding what ways I can use marketing to help me run my organization more efficiently all the while allowing me to step back and concentrate on the parts of the organization that I love most. Meredith has been very professional, efficient and always gets back to me in a timely manner while keeping me updated on all progress. I would highly recommend anyone who is running a business or organization to make contact and see what she can do for you!”

Christine Rhody of Restoring Smiles

“When I first started getting things rolling, as not sure where I was going with it. I felt very overwhelmed and lost. I was not sure of what direction to go in and even once I began moving forward I was still as lost as ever. That is about the time that I scheduled a meeting with Meredith and we discussed what I needed and wanted for my business. Shortly after she gave me a very organized presentation that not only covered everything I had mentioned to her but also the things I couldn’t put into words initially. She covered everything I did and didn’t think of at the best possible cost to me. Without her help my business would not have gotten off to such a wonderful start, and I wouldn’t have been able to focus on other aspects of my business. Meredith has been very professional and always keeps me up to date on where things are. I take pride in knowing that as I continue to move forward I can reach out to Meredith for her professional assistance and she will continue to supply me with her best quality work.”

Ashley Cruz