Small Business Spotlight – Jane Ragasa of JanieXY

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I am so excited to share the newest feature here on – the Small Business Spotlight podcast! Each month I will be publishing a new interview with a small business entrepreneur who will share their personal journey. Learning from real life experiences of other entrepreneurs has been such an encouragement within my own business journey and I hope that these inspiring stories will help you as you grow you business!


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This month’s Small Business Spotlight is with Jane Ragasa of JanieXY. JanieXY is a toy shop that creates the most adorable plush toys! I assure you, you will find unique toys at JanieXY that you can’t find anywhere else. As you’ll hear in the interview, Jane’s toy making business started from creating a toy for her new niece and has grown into shops and craft fairs across the nation!

In this episode of Small Business Spotlight, you’ll hear more from Jane about:

The challenge of finding focus and organization within business
How she tried several different businesses before finding her lasting passion
Her experience getting recognized for the first time at a craft show
How having flexibility allows her to have balance between her work and her personal life

Jane’s Must Have Tools and Resources
Sewing Machine

You Can Find Jane and JanieXY Products At
Follow Jane on Instagram – @JanieXY

Find JanieXY Products in Person At
Leanna Lin’s Wonderland (Southern California)
Space Montrose (Houston, TX)

Thank you for listening to this month’s Small Business Spotlight! Be sure to join us again next month for an¬†interview with another inspiring small business owner!