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As an entrepreneur, you have to juggle a lot of information. Each new online resource comes with new login information to remember. With increasingly more complicated password requirements, it can become nearly impossible to remember all of the different information you need just to complete a day’s work. You don’t want to jeopardize security by remaining logged in, but you don’t want to waste valuable time remembering and logging into each website. I’ve found a great solution that I think will help your day go much smoother: LastPass password manager.

LastPass stores all of your passwords securely in the cloud, allowing you to access all of them by using one master password. You can access your passwords via their online website name the “Vault”, through their smartphone app (premium feature), or via their browser plug-ins. A wonderful additional feature is the ability to share your account information with other members of your team, without actually giving out your password information.

LastPass has a great free option, which allows you access most of their features and get a feel for the service. The free option allows you to save and access your passwords with no restrictions. If you decide to go premium (currently $12/year), you will be able to create shared folders, access your passwords through your smartphone, have multifactor authentication options, and remove ads.

I have loved using LastPass for the last several months. I found it easy to import already saved passwords from my browser, add new passwords, and access those passwords when needed. It’s not only helped me in my business, but also in my personal life as well. There are just too many passwords these days and I’d rather use my mind to grow your business. I think you’ll find LastPass a great FREE resource that will help you as you grow your business!

I offer LastPass shared services to my clients free of charge to handle passwords for their business needs.
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This post does contain affiliate links, which means if you sign up I benefit as well. I am not connected with LastPass in any way and all opinions expressed on this site are my own.